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Bruce and Linda Holland


Linda Holland

I’ve lived in Victoria for over 30 years, and I’ve worn many hats in that time … a banker, office manager, business owner, award-winning documentary film-maker, video production (camera-op, editor, director), interior designer & professional organizer.

Several years ago my husband Bruce and I decided to retire so … we sold our business and our rural home & acreage … and now live in Victoria in our RV for 8 – 9 months of the year and travel the other 3 – 4 months.

We’ve traveled throughout the U.S.A., through Canada and British Columbia in particular and have seen some amazing places, but we’ve come to realize that Victoria is one of the best places on earth to live as well as visit.

Since we ourselves are travelers, we have come to understand what the traveler needs when they visit new place … such as where to go and what to see … from a local’s perspective!  Also, I’m (I guess) the practical one so I wanted to include some basic information –  such as banking, laundromat, emergency medical care, groceries etc.  Not your typical ‘tourist info’ kinds of things but essential nonetheless.

My hope is that by imparting information of the kind only a resident (or insider) would know … you’ll enjoy your visit and come to love Victoria as much as I do!


Bruce Holland

I have been living in Victoria since 1980 and it is still my favorite place to be. As an avid kayaker, photographer and a lover of the outdoors, Victoria and Vancouver Island fulfill my ideal for a place to live and play. With a degree in Agriculture, I have been a life guard/swim instructor, worked in construction, managed hotels, sold window coverings, ran my own awning/rollshutter business for 20 years, have been (and still am) a photographer and have been a kayak instructor/guide .

I still paddle the rivers and the ocean surrounding Victoria as well as hike, bike and drive, continuing my exploration of this spectacular part of the world. My wife Linda and I also have a passion for RVing (we’re full-timers now!) and we love to explore other parts of North America giving us a ‘travellers’ perspective when creating articles and post for “Visitor in Victoria”.

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