BC Marine Trails Network

BC Marine Trails LogoIf you are planning a paddling or small boat trip on the BC Coast you need to have a look at the BC Marine Trails Network. The BCMTN is a non-profit organization dedicated to the design and development of a network of marine access points, day use areas and campsites along the entire BC Coast. This is all being done in association with various levels of government, and other stakeholders including First Nations, in order to ensure continued coastal access by paddle craft and other non-motorized and motorized small boats.

The BCMTN website is a resources for those wanting to explore the BC coast. It includes a map, which is a database of campsites, access points and day use sites. Using the search box you can type in a location you maybe interested in exploring and a list of the sites will appear on the map. Alternatively you can just zoom into a area on the map find those same places. The map is continuously being populated as they negotiate and discuss issues with the various stakeholders involved. The majority of the existing overnight camping sites are small, undeveloped ‘wilderness’ sites that have no facilities, are user-maintained and must be respected, using the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles.

BC Marine Trails Map

The BCMTN is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to plan a trip anywhere on the BC coast. As well, if you become a member of BCMTN, just $25.00, there are some additional perks like discounts at local shops and touring companies as well as access to a ruler tool on the map to help measure and define your paddling trip.

To learn more about the BC Marine Trails Network, to join and see what other perks membership has to offer and learn about volunteer opportunities, check out their website at BC Marine Trails Network.

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