• Brant Festival


Black Brant GooseThe festival started because of a small goose called the Black Brant. It migrates from California and Mexico to Alaska and stops off in Parskville/Qualicum Beach to rest and feed. The Brant geese, however, are not the only show in town during the festival. Pacific herring spawn and attract thousands of waterbirds, sea lions, and harbour seals. Spring also comes to the forest and migrant songbirds, raptors and wildlflowers can all be enjoyed. For 16 years the festival was spearheaded by the Mid Island Wildlife Watch Society (MIWWS). In recent years, MIWWS was challenged to secure the financial and human resources necessary to organize and operate the festival. In June 2006, MIWWS members dissolved the society and transferred the assets to The Nature Trust of British Columbia. The 2018 Brant Wildlife Festival is being coordinated by The Nature Trust of British Columbia together with many community groups and volunteers.

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