JULY 14 – 18, 2020

The Canadian Francophone Games are one of the largest francophone youth gatherings in Canada (over 1000 people). The next edition will be taking place in July 14th to 19th 2020 in Victoria, British Columbia. The CJFCB is looking forward to hosting the 2020 CFGames in our beautiful capital.

Not only does this event let you discover three exciting categories (Arts, Sports and Leadership), the games offer activities that promote cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership skills in an environment of friendly competition.

Participants from all over the country will be able to showcase their talents in a way that focuses on sharing with others as well as personal growth. This will all happen through leadership workshops and artistic and sporting competitions that take place over five rich and fun-filled days!

To oversee this event, over 600 volunteers will be present as well as families that will come to encourage those who are competing. The CFGames 2020 will take place in the Greater Victoria region, particularily at Oak Bay, where participants will be accommodated in the local high school as well as Willows Elementary School.

All of the information about this event can be found on the CFGames website. Have any questions? Contact us by email at laurence@cjfcb.com.