Sale to Raise funds for Broken Promises Rescue

May 20th from 10 – 5 PM

View Royal Community Hall
279 Island Highway

We are 100% Volunteer and spend over $130,000 a year on vet care so events help us cover these costs.

(and Some gently Used Items)

• Dog Leashes, Harness’s, Coats, Collars, Treats, Beds, Halloween Costumes and more !!

• Cat Beds, Cat Nip Toys, Knitted Cute hats and Blankets

• Brand New Clothes with Tags ! (mostly women but we have lots !)

• Plus Sweet Legs Leggings !!!

• Jewelry! We will have Paw Earrings, Charm Lockets, Hand and Paw Project Bracelets, Snap it Jewelery

• Sue Coleman Art, Books, George the Memoir Book

• We will have fun Custom made Gifts for that special someone ! All made with our Heat Press Machine !

• Cute Hand crafted Head bands and Bow ties for Kids or Pets !

• Hand Made Candles

And Much Much More !!

About the Author:

I've lived in Victoria over 30 years and I still can't believe how great this city really is! My husband, Bruce, and I have traveled the world but coming home to Victoria is still quite often a celebration. Together, we want to share our love of the city and the area by giving you an 'insider's' insights of where to go - what to do - and how to get there!

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