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Victoria is a paradise for golfers – as you can pretty much golf year-round!

Below is a listing of courses to check out:

1.  Uplands Golf Club – 3300 Cadboro Bay Rd., Victoria, BC

This is a ‘members only’ club but with reciprocal courses – so if you belong to one of those, you are eligible to golf here.  Check the website for a listing of these reciprocal courses.

2.  Victoria Golf Club – 1110 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC

Also a ‘members only’ club – check for reciprocal courses on the website.

3.  Cedar Hill Golf Course – 1400 Derby Rd. Victoria, BC

4.  Gorge Vale Golf Course – 1005 Craigflower Rd., Victoria, BC

5.  Metchosin Golf & Country Club – 4100 Metchosin Rd. Victoria, BC  (in the municipality of Metchosin)

6.  Prospect Lake Golf Course – 4633 Prospect Lake Rd. Victoria, BC


7.  The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa

– 1999 Country Club Way, Victoria, BC (in the municipality of Colwood)


8.  Olympic View Golf Club – 643 Latoria Rd., Victoria, BC (in the municipality of Colwood)

9.  Highland Pacific Golf Course – 450 Creed Rd., Victoria, BC


10.  Cordova Bay Golf Course – 5333 Cordova Bay Rd., Victoria, BC


11.  Royal Colwood Golf Club – 629 Goldstream, Victoria, BC (located in the municipality of Colwood)



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