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A Guided Hiking Adventure With HikeVictoria.com

Victoria, BC is a hiker’s paradise with an abundance of urban trails and an endless choice of wilderness trails to explore. No matter where you go, Victoria’s mountainous terrain, rugged west coast shoreline and lush rainforests offer up some truly spectacular vistas.  You may find that the most difficult thing about hiking here may be choosing where to go, but one way to make that decision real easy is to call Mark at HikeVictoria.com and let him take you to some of the best places Victoria has to offer. What’s more he will provide you with door-to-door transportation, a professional photograph, and a snack and water. All you need to do is be ready to go!

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park is one of Mark’s favorite wilderness hikes because of its close proximity to Victoria and its stunning views of Saanich Inlet, the Gowlland Range, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains in Washington.

The top of Gowlland Todd

One of Mark’s spectacular ‘jump’ photos! – Mark Vukobrat Photo

Be Prepared for any Weather!

While the summer months in Victoria are generally warm and sunny but there are days when it may be raining. During the rest of the year anything is possible and the choice of whether or not to go will be yours to make, because Mark is ready to go rain or shine and spots like the Gowlland Todd can be spectacular in any weather.

The December day we chose to go was particularly unusual. Because the park is at a higher elevation we ran into unexpectedly large amounts of snow, and low clouds and falling snow obscured some of the views. However, it was an amazingly beautiful hike through a winter wonderland!

Mark is a wonderful guide with an obvious passion for what he does. He entertained us with stories and history of the area and identified many interesting examples of the local flora. Mark also supplied us with hiking poles, which were particularly helpful for our snowy hike, but they enhance your stability and provide support on all types of terrain, snow or not.

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park

Even with views obscured by clouds and falling snow, the Gowlland Todd hike is still spectacular!

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park

Mark entertaining us with a story

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park

Mark Vukobrat of HikeVictoria.com & Brian Henry of Ocean River Sports & Adventures


These days it seems everyone brings a camera or at least a phone along to capture some pictures of their adventure, but in spite of this we don’t always come back with that one special image. A real bonus of hiking with Mark is he is a professional photographer so you can count on him to get that really great shot of your experience, which he includes for free in your package.   His photos are so good, though, you are going to want to purchase more!  Make sure you check out HikcVictoria’s website to see some more of his work.

Top of Gowlland Todd

One of Mark’s spectacular ‘jump’ shots – Mark Vukobrat Photo

Top of Gowlland Tod 3

A fun shot at an Arbutus Grove – Mark Vukobrat Photo

A group photo from the top of Gowlland Todd - Mark Vukobrat Photo

A group photo from the top of Gowlland Todd – Mark Vukobrat Photo

Gowlland Todd Provincial Park winter

Our special photo of our adventure! – Mark Vukobrat Photo


For more information on HikeVictoria.com and other adventures that they offer, check out their website:  HikeVictoria.com or Call 1-250-889-3008.


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