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Mt. Work summit

Exploring Mount Work Regional Park

Mount Work Regional Park is one of the largest regional parks in Greater Victoria. At 536-hectares, the park borders Gowlland Tod Provincial Park in the Highlands area of Saanich Peninsula.


There are 4 main access points to the park:

Ross-Durrance Rd

There is a parking area just off Ross-Durrance Rd near the intersection with Willis Point Rd. The parking area at Mt Work is shared by Gowlland Tod Provincial Park with trails leading to Jocelyn Hall and Mackenzie bight. (see our post: Gowlland Tod Provincial Park). Parking here is rather limited but there is also parking along the sides of Ross-Durrance Rd. Be warned, that finding parking in the summer and on weekends can sometimes be challenging.

Information sign for Mt Work & Gowlland Tod at the Ross-Durrance parking area

The trail up to the summit of Mount Work begins at the parking lot. This challenging trail climbs to the summit, which at 449m is one of the tallest peaks in the region. The trail winds it through coastal rain forest which gradually transitions to a drier forest with lots of of Arbutus. Sections of this trail are smooth and easy and others much steeper and rougher. There is a steep section near the summit that is getting quite gully washed. Be prepared with proper footwear and take water and snacks.

Lower rain forest section of the trail

Coming up to a steeper, rockier section of the trail

Amazing views from the summit!

At the summit, the trail continues to run south, spanning the park’s entire length down to Munn Rd in the Highlands.

Durrance Lake

There is a large parking area located on Durrance Close for access to Durrance Lake which is nestled in a valley between the shadow of Mount Work and the neighbouring Partridge Hills of Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.

There is a trail circumnavigating the lake. The trail on the north side and east side is an accessible wide gravel surface. The section leading along the south side of the lake is much rougher and much less developed. From Durrance Lake you can also access some multi-use trails that are open to mountain bikers in the Partridge Hills on the north side.

Part of the accessible trail at Durrance Lake

Trail on the south side of Durrance Lake

Durrance Lake is also a popular summer swimming destination as well as a popular fishing spot as it is stocked with rainbow trout. There is a fishing dock with an accessible pathway and ramp leading down to it. There is also a paved boat ramp near the parking area for launching non-gas powered watercraft.

Swimming area at Durrance Lake

Durrance Lake fishing dock


Located off Hartland Rd is a large parking area with access to multi-use trails which open to mountain biking. These trails follow up and down the east slope of Mount Work and are separate from the other areas of the park but there is a trail leading around the north side of mountain to the Ross-Durrance parking area.  These trails cover a range of terrain, from moderate rolling hills to very difficult grades for advanced mountain bikers.  For for more information on the Hartland mountain biking trails check the South Island Mountain Bike Society website. (SIMBS) 

Munn Road

Off Munn Rd in the Highlands there is an accessible 630m smooth gravel loop trail. It meanders through a woodland of evergreens, native shrubs, ferns, mosses and wildflowers. Off this loop is the trail leading up the south side of Mount Work to the summit. For more inforamtion

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