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Recycling in Victoria, BC


Victoria is a very ecologically-minded city.  We recycle almost everything.

All homes, hotels. campgrounds, RV parks etc. have programs/bins in place for recycling, so ask or look around … they ARE there.

You MUST recycle:


Please Recycle!

Glass bottles/jars, plastic bottles, plastic packaging of most kinds, tin cans, aluminum cans, all paper/cardboard products, and now ALL food scraps as well.

Bottles & cans (including liquor containers) have deposits added on when they’re purchased and can be returned to authorized depots for a refund.  (There is usually a limit on how many – check with individual stores.)

Most grocery stores will accept pop (soda) bottles, cans & water bottles for refund.  Liquor stores will accept any liquor bottles for refund.  They must be rinsed out first.

In additions, there are recycling depots that accept all bottles & cans (liquor & soda) for refund.

Here is a list of where they are:

Ellice Recycle, 524 David St., Victoria

Bottle Depot/Return It, 1.  4261 Glanford  2.  655 Queens Ave  3.  3961 Quadra

Island Return It, 935 Ellery St.,

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