DECEMBER 11, 2022  11:00 – 4:00



A gathering of hand picked designers that we adore in our community. Handmade everything :: Colourful CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS, hand built , BOTANICAL PERFUMES, silver MEMORY INSPIRED jewelry, TIMELESS BAMBOO & LINEN clothing, VELVET & CORDUROY TOTES and pouches, PORCELAIN LIGHT FIXTURES, colourful FUN CLOTHING, contemporary First Nations SPRAY PAINT STENCILLED art, BRASS & SILVER deco inspired jewelry, porcelain HAND PAINTED mugs and bowls, hand crafted BOWTIES, bright EMOTIONALLY SUPPORTIVE CALENDARS & cards, LEATHER POCKET HARNESS, attachés and belts, First Nations OXIDIZED COPPER jewelry, HAND PRINTED LINO CUT LINEN napkins, aprons & table clothes, LEATHER PILLOWS, handmade FUN SOAPS & CANDLES, COLLAGED SWEATER, First Nation handmade INTENTIONAL CANDLES, original MIXED MEDIUM ART, locally made ICE CREAM & BAKED TREATS, winter FLORAL WEATHS & SWAGS, locally grown HERBAL YUMMY TEAS and APOTHECARY, QUEER friendly glow-in the dark RESIN ART, handmade high QUALITY CHOCOLATES & confectionary, HOT TODDYS and MONSTERS!!