OCTOBER 26, 2019  3:00 – 5:30


The 2019 Victoria Zombie Walk takes place on Saturday, October 26th. Hordes will trudge their way through downtown Victoria in search of British Columbia’s finest brains.

The event is presented by Umbrella Corp. West Coast Operations and encourages the Victoria population to play dead – literally.

Rip up some clothes, bathe in some blood (preferably fake), and show off your most treacherous, horrifying face possible.

Zombie Walk 2016 Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

Zombie Walk 2016

All humans are welcome to partake in the event, which is one of Victoria’s most notorious and largest public flash mobs.

Zombies, ghouls, wights, revenants, walkers, runners, and flesh-fanatics of all kinds will line the streets, with a few survivors for good measure.