JULY 8, 2022

The Bateman Foundation and the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation are proud to announce their first partnership event featuring internationally renowned artist, naturalist, and conservationist Robert Bateman and trailblazing zoologist, feminist, and author Dr. Anne Innis Dagg.

An Evening with Anne & Robert will showcase two iconic Canadians for one evening on July 8 at the Bateman Gallery in Victoria, BC.

Guests will enjoy an intimate screening of Anne Innis Dagg’s documentary, The Woman Who Loves Giraffes, along with a conversation with the two living legends reflecting back on their journey from their meeting at the University of Toronto’s Naturalist Club, to how their unwavering commitment and passion for nature set the course for both their lives’ work.

For only one night, Anne Innis Dagg and Robert Bateman will reignite the audience’s sense of purpose and get people talking, thinking, and doing.

“We are honoured to host and connect people with Anne Innis Dagg and Robert Bateman at the gallery,” says Sarah Theopolis, Acting General Manager of the Bateman Foundation.

“It has been over two years since we’ve had Robert engage with the public and be part of the foundation’s events. We knew that his return to public events needed to be extraordinary and special. We were thrilled to have this partnered event with the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation.”

“Anne and Robert share a friendship dating back to the 1950s and and it all began with their mutual passion for animals and nature,” says Mary Dagg, CEO of the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation.

“Their long and celebrated careers have lead to this event and we are so honoured that Robert is presenting The Woman Who Loves Giraffes in his return to the Bateman Gallery.”

Ticket go on sale June 9 to the public. Tickets are available at https://batemanfoundation.org/gallery/an-evening-with-anne-and-robert.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to both the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation and the Bateman Foundation.

Tickets are limited. For the safety of the speakers and guests, masks are required for this event.