• Heritage Haunted House, Victoria, BC


OCTOBER 31, 2018  5:30 – 9:30


Small children and large cowards can collect their candy at the gate.  Those willing to risk their souls will be rewarded again at the exit, with an extra dose of sugar!

Admission by donation to Help Fill A Dream Foundation.  Volunteers will be on hand to accept donations and issue receipts.

Suggested minimum age of 10 … parental guidance is recommended!  (Parents who want to take turns going thru can now use our new ‘child swap option’ and avoid waiting in line twice!  Ask for your ‘child swap’ pass upon check-in!)

Heritage Lane is a strata with no street parking.  Please use only as a passenger drop-off location and park and walk from Cardie Court, Marigold Elementary or Spectrum High School.

**Please do not block people’s driveways or you risk being towed!**

We are running tours from 5:00 -9:30 PM on October 31st. There will be volunteers from Help Fill A Dream, to accept cash, check or credit card donations. Please use discretion when bringing your children. There WILL be loud noises, gruesome sights and unexpected surprises. You know what your child can handle more than anyone else We recommend one parent go through at a time while the other stays back at the entrance with the kids. There will be miniature candies given out at the end of the driveway to small children and large cowards unable to endure the entire haunt. More candy will be given upon exiting. If you survive that is…

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