Festivals and special events in November in Victoria, BC

  • Sidney Museum


THE LAUNDRY ROOM SEPT 15 - NOV 30, 2023 This exhibit shows contemporary art and historical objects relating to laundry and is a collaboration with four local artists, Elizabeth Carefoot, Laura Feeleus, Sharon Stoneman, and Lesley Turner. A combination of artwork and historical artifacts, this exhibit showcases different features of what has been historically viewed


October 22, 2023,  November 19, 2023,  January 21, 2024,  February 18, 2024 A free, family-friendly event to introduce children to the world of theatre and the arts! Here's a little description of what the day looks like: Kaleidoscope’s Family FUNdays are our latest offering for the whole family that encourages creativity and play! Family FUNdays


Goldstream Salmon Runs from Mid-Late October to Early December Every fall millions of Pacific salmon fight their way up the streams, creeks and rivers of the Pacific northwest working their way back to the their home pools where they were originally spawned. Here, they will spawn a new generation of salmon then die. In the