Where and how to park in Victoria

There is a variety of parking options in Downtown Victoria. They range from metered on-street parking to parking lots to parking garages. Here is an overview:

Metered on-street parking

Pretty much any street in Victoria has on-street parking – if you can find a spot that is!  Be aware of signs that will inform you of parking info such as loading zones, residential parking only, handicap spots etc. Also be aware of painted curbs which generally mean ‘no parking’.

parkingMost street parking is metered and now done through ‘parking stations’ which are located on each street – and quite often there’s several on each block. You can pay by coin, credit card or city parking card and the amount is determined by how long you wish to park. Simply go to one of the ‘stations’ and follow the instructions. You will need to remember the number of the spot you’re parked at which is indicated on a small blue sign at every other parking spot. You don’t need to go back to your car to put the receipt in … the parking is all monitored via the parking stations’ computer.

Parking Card

For street metered parking, the best and easiest way (if you’re around for a few days) is a parking card which lets you pay a large amount in advance at the pay station (just in case!) and when you leave you can put the excess amount you’ve paid BACK onto the card. VERY convenient. For more information including how to get a card, where to get one or any other information pertaining to on-street parking, click HERE.

Or … the newest feature is a parking app for your phone.  To get information on this handy option, click HERE.

Surface lots

There are 4 surface lots in the downtown core.  For locations & rates click HERE.


There are 5 city parkades. For locations and rates click HERE.  You can also see them on the above map as indicated by a ‘P’.

There are also numerous private parkades managed by Robbins. For locations of these lots click HERE.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Did you know that eight electric vehicle charging stations are available at the following City parkades?

  • Bastion Square Parkade (one station)
  • Broughton Street Parkade (three stations)
  • Centennial Square Parkade (one station)
  • Johnson Street Parkade (one station)
  • View Street Parkade (two stations)

Regular parking fees apply. There is no additional fee to use the charging stations.

How to Use – To use an electric vehicle charging station, please request an activation card from the parkade attendant, drive your vehicle to the designated parking spot and plug in. The charging stations will be able to fully recharge an electric car battery within three to eight hours.

All City parkades also offer electric bike charging stations and free covered parking for bicycles

For even more options on parking, click HERE.

Disability Parking

The City has designated 28 metered on-street parking spaces in the downtown core for use by people with a valid disabled placard on their vehicle. Drivers with disabilities are able to purchase up to two hours of parking time at these spaces. All 28 spaces meet the physical requirements of specially equipped vehicles.  The locations of these on-street spaces were selected to provide maximum accessibility throughout the downtown core.

A map showing these parking locations is available by clicking this link:  Disabled Parking Map

All business and shopping centres with large parking facilities have dedicated disabled parking spaces. You are required to display a valid disabled placard in your vehicle.