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Victoria has several local taxi cab companies.

VICTORIA TAXI – PH#:  250-383-7111

BLUEBIRD CABS – PH#:  250-382-2222

YELLOW CABS – PH#:  250-381-2222

AAA AIRPORT TAXI – PH#:  250-727-8366

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I've lived in Victoria over 30 years and I still can't believe how great this city really is! My husband, Bruce, and I have traveled the world but coming home to Victoria is still quite often a celebration. Together, we want to share our love of the city and the area by giving you an 'insider's' insights of where to go - what to do - and how to get there!

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  1. Jane Smith April 22, 2018 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Hi Linda,

    My husband and I are part of a group of friends from NY area ,USA. We will be on a cruise and arriving in Victoria in August. Two of our friend are celebrating a special occasion . Most of the group has agreed to meet at an Irish Bar/ restaurant near the inner harbor on Goverment St. My husband and I are looking for about an hour or so general tour around the city and then be dropped off at the bar to meet them for dinner as we have never been there before and are looking for options to accommodate to do both. We were thinking of a private cab tour as we have done in other cities. It would be the fastest way for us and be picked up and dropped off where we need to go.
    Any Suggestions? Thank you!

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