A must-do for any visitor to Victoria is a trip to the Royal BC Museum.

Located at 675 Belleville St., across from the Provincial Legislature Bldgs., and just down from the Empress Hotel/Convention Centre, the Royal BC Museum is a great way to spend a few hours – or while away an afternoon!


first people's gallery

First People’s Gallery

In addition to the on-going exhibits there’s always something new to check out.  The museum is large, with several floors to explore.

Some of the permanent exhibits are:  The Natural History Gallery – with displays of plants, animals & sea life indigineos to the area; A First People’s Gallery – with displays of carvings, masks and objects from daily life as well as ceremonial artifacts; A Modern History Gallery – with displays of clothing, artifacts and culture from days gone by to the present; and BC Archives – with original documents, photographs and diaries on display.


natural history gallery

Natural History Gallery

There is a small coffee vendor in the main lobby and snack-type items at the Imax counter.  There is a marvelous gift shop in the lobby as well with loads of local books, crafts, jewelry, toys and art.  One of my favorite places to shop!

In addition to the permanent exhibits there is usually a traveling exhibit that’s around for usually a few months.  Check HERE to see the current and up-coming exhibits!

To round off your visit, check out the Imax Theatre which is housed in the same building.  There are different short films every hour during the day and usually a feature-length Hollywood-style film at night.