A fun and unique way to get around downtown Victoria is by one of the Victoria Harbour Ferries.

Victoria Harbour Ferries run two types of ferry services in Victoria’s harbour, a taxi service and harbour tours.  Both offer a unique and fun way to get around and see the harbour. Make sure you check out their Water Ballet where, taking inspiration from the world famous RCMP Musical Ride, the harbour ferry captains  set out to test their abilities with a synchronized performance in their ferries.  For scheduling of this event click this link:  Water Ballet

Victoria Harbour Ferries

The Victoria Harbour Ferry Service generally runs from March to October and is closed during the winter months.

Victoria Harbour FerryH2O  Water Taxi Hops

There’s a lot to see in Victoria — far too much to see on foot alone. Make the most of your day by catching a Water Taxi at any of their 14 stops conveniently located near Victoria’s best attractions, restaurants, and landmarks.

The H2O Taxis operate as a regular taxi would, not as a bus service. While they do not have a set schedule, they do circle the harbour continuously and transport passengers where they need to go. The Water Taxi service starts at 10:00 am seven days a week. Service ends at dusk or 9:00 pm, whichever comes soonest.

You can buy tickets at the Empress Dock, located on the causeway opposite the Empress Hotel or at Fisherman’s Wharf directly in front of Jackson’s Ice Cream store. You can also buy tickets directly from the captains, however the captains only accept credit and debit card.

Simply give them a call at 250-514-9794 from the dock or any of their stops around the harbour to arrange travel.  The Harbour Ferries only accept debit and credit cards..no cash.

Visitors looking to ‘hop’ from point to point around the harbour have two options: for those looking to do only a few hops, you may pay the Captain directly. For those doing several hops, the Hop Card, described below, is a great option.

Victoria Harbour Ferries

For more information on Fares and Stops click this link:  Victoria Harbour Taxi Fares & Routes

Hop Rewards

Earn a free ride with their Hop Rewards Loyalty Program. Get the eighth hop for free when you collect seven stamps. Hop Cards are for individual use only.

Harbour Tours

Victoria Harbour FerriesVictoria’s Harbour really is the heart of the city. For over 4000 years, the Coast Salish peoples lived along the shoreline where they relied on the abundance of resources for hunting, fishing, and foraging. Early European explorers soon discovered the natural splendor for themselves and established the city as the main port in Western Canada. Follow in their paddle-strokes as your guide shares the story of Victoria’s waterways in this 45-minute scenic tour.

Get a first-hand look at how the harbour functions as a seaport, and seaplane airplane terminal as well as a cruise ship and ferry destination. Uncover the secrets of historic landmarks like the Parliament Buildings, First Nation sacred territories, wildlife habitats, and float home communities.

With only 12 seats per sailing, this intimate tour will get you up close and personal with some of our favourite things— ocean views, marine life, and history.

For More information on Harbour Tours:  Harbour Tours

Gorge Tours

Victoria Harbour Ferries

Victoria Harbour Ferries

Step back in time, relax and enjoy this scenic 75-minute guided tour featuring historic neighbourhoods, working shipyards, and if the tide is in your favour, a chance to see the reversing falls under the Tillicum Bridge.

Your guide will share the rich history of Coast Salish peoples who have lived on the land for over 4,000 years. Discover the politics, culture, and everyday life of the early Victorian residents. Learn how the Gorge was nearly destroyed by decades of industrial pollution and about the extensive restoration efforts to return the fragile ecosystems to its natural splendor.

With only 10 seats per sailing, this intimate tour will get you up close and personal with some of our favourite things— ocean views, marine life, and history. And you can see it all safe in the knowledge that their eco-friendly, zero-omission electric ferries will preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy.

For More information on Gorge Tours:  Gorge Tours