With it’s unique location, Victoria has no end of sports that are available … many all year round!  So it stands to reason we have many fine stores that can provide you with equipment and clothing to help you get out there and enjoy all Victoria has to offer.  Here is a listing:

Ocean River Adventures– 407 Swift St

Ocean River Sports

Ocean River Sports

Ocean River Sports’ retail store has permanently closed, but their Rentals, Tours and Courses are open, they are busy getting you out there more than ever.

To contact us, please email mail@oceanriver.com

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) – 1450 Government St.


Robinson’s Outdoor Store – 1307 Broad St.


Capital Iron – 1900 Store St.,


Island Outfitters – 3319 Douglas St.


Kirby’s Source for Sports894 Cloverdale


Sport Check – Victoria Bay Centre 1150 Douglas St,

Hillside Mall, Mayfair Mall,

Westshore Village Sport Chek  2955 PHIPPS ROAD, UNIT 109


Valhalla Pure Outfitters – 1824 Store St.