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If you’re feeling really adventurous … why not try jumping out of a plane?

Victoria has a couple of options for skydiving.  No matter if you’re experienced or a first-time jumper, you can find something to get that adrenaline going!


9552 Canora Rd.

Sidney, BC  #250-655-4434

Victoria Skydivers has been a member of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association for over 30 years. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors are trained to take you on a tour of the sky via tandem skydives or teach you how to navigate your way to becoming a safe and confident solo skydiver. We also have coaches on staff for those experienced skydivers that want to master their craft. We take flight right from our office at the Victoria Airport and land in beautiful Brentwood Bay.


9681 Willingdon Rd
Suite #201
North Saanich, BC
(Above SpitFire Grill)

Phone:  250-655-0014

E-mail:  capcitysky@gmail.com

Go skydiving over Victoria! Vancouver Island skydiving has never been more exciting. We provide safe, exhilarating experiences for both first time and trained skydivers.  We have the most experienced staff and new gear for increased safety.  Are you ready to experience human flight? Come feel the thrill of jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. It is the memory of a lifetime!

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I've lived in Victoria over 30 years and I still can't believe how great this city really is! My husband, Bruce, and I have traveled the world but coming home to Victoria is still quite often a celebration. Together, we want to share our love of the city and the area by giving you an 'insider's' insights of where to go - what to do - and how to get there!

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