Wentworth Villa, one of the oldest and most valued residential houses in Victoria, was built in the spring and summer of 1863.

Done in Gothic Revival style, the sophistication of the design makes it likely to have been planned by an architect. It is believed that Wright and Sanders, the first architectural firm in Victoria, designed and supervised the construction of Wentworth Villa. It is a designated City of Victoria heritage building and is also listed in the register of Canadian Historic Places.

Wentworth Villa is operated by the Pacific North-West Heritage Homes Foundation. The Foundation is setting up the Architectural Heritage Museum in the restored building, which will be dedicated to presenting, preserving and popularizing Victoria’s rich architectural heritage. It will emphasize residential architecture, as opposed to official and public architecture.

The museum will cover the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century until the interwar years. It will host permanent and temporary exhibits about history of Victoria and the Pacific North West as seen through the evolution of building styles, standards, techniques and through the changing lives of occupants of these houses.

Small guided tours of Wentworth Villa focusing on restoration of heritage homes. Learn about the process and procedures that the restoration of the villa went through. Learn about experts and resources that are available here in Victoria to help you properly restore your home.

COVID-19 has left us with a changed world. Wentworth Villa has assessed our responsibility to our community and our capacity to reopen to the public. As a small museum, we have determined that the best course of action is to remain closed during this stage of BC’s Restart Plan. When reopening is viable, we look forward to welcoming you with refreshed exhibitions and new programming.


All our tours are by donation. Please consider donating after the tour or online HERE.

Music at Wentworth Villa

All our performers are established international musicians. The programs comprise approximately one hour of music, which the artists will introduce during the concerts. We hope to create an intimate and informative series, where audience members really connect with the music and feel a part of the performance.

Each concert will include a 25 minute interval in which audience members will be able to enjoy a glass of wine and will have the opportunity to explore the ground floor of the beautifully renovated Wentworth Villa. After the concerts there will also be an opportunity to meet the artists and ask any questions you may have about the music.

Please join us for this exciting series. The recital space has comfortable seating for 75-85 people so do not delay if you wish to attend. At our inaugural recital by pianist Sara Davis Buechner we had a full house and a waiting list. Order now online to secure your seat. We look forward to welcoming you to Music At Wentworth Villa.

CLICK HERE for the music schedule.

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