Victoria has many great local coffee shops – some that even roast their own beans!  If you’re a real coffee lover (I am!) I highly suggest you try some of them first!

Here is a list – in alphabetical order (This list is NOT comprehensive … many more coffee shops … almost overwhelming!)

Also check out our post on bakeries … many are also awesome coffee houses!

Bean Around the World – 533 Fisgard St Victoria, BC V8W 1R3  Ph#(250)386-7115❤️

Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters – 483 Garbally Road Victoria, BC V8T 2W1  Ph#(250)590-7792

Cafe Fantastico 

1)Quadra Village 965 Kings Road Victoria BC V8T 1W7 Ph#(250)385-2326

2)  Tre Fantastico 810 Humboldt Street Victoria BC Ph#(250)590-8014

3) Dockside Green 102-398 Harbor Rd  Victoria BC Ph#(250)590-2315❤️

Discovery Coffee – 664 Discovery St Victoria, BC V8T 4L1  Ph# (250)477-2323  Click here for other locations

Habit Coffee & Culture 

1) 808 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8W 1L8 Ph#(250)590-5953

2) 552 Pandora Ave., Victoria, BC  Phone 250 294 1127

Hey Happy – 560 Johnson Street  Victoria, BC V8W 3C6  Ph# (250) 590-9680

Macchiato Caffe

1) 1002 Broad St Victoria, BC V8W 1Z9  Ph#(250) 385-8900

2) 780 Johnson Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1Z9

Murchie’s – 1110 Government Street Victoria, BC V8W 1Y2  Ph#(250)383-3112❤️

(Also listed in our post on bakeries)

Serious Coffee – many locations around town … click here for addresses and hours.

Street Level Espresso – 714 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W  Ph#(250)361-9927

Union Pacific Coffee Co.  – 537 Herald Street  Victoria, BC V8W 1S5 Ph# (250)380-0005

2% Jazz

1)  1701 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8T 4M2 Ph#(250)384-5282

2)  105 – 740 Hillside, Victoria, BC