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There is a lot of history in Victoria, with colourful characters and fascinating stories.  Here are some guided tours that are fun and interesting!

Ghostly Walks

Discover the past!  Ghostly Walks are walking tours conducted every night from May 1 to October 31 and on weekends through the rest of the year.

The tours have been developed by John Adams, one of Victoria’s foremost historians and storytellers, who has been leading ghost tours through the alleys and haunted places of Victoria since 1970. He has appeared on the TV series Ghosts and Ghoulies and on OLN’s Creepy Canada. The tours are conducted by John and his team of expert guides.

Ghost tours for booked groups may be arranged at any time.


Culinary Walking Tours

All of the stops on our tours are small Victoria-based businesses serving amazing food and beverages. Let us take you to where the locals go to get a good meal in their own neighbourhoods away from the tourist center.

Let’s have a good time sharing a meal and having a drink! We provide a fun and energetic experience where you can meet fellow food lovers, explore a new neighbourhood, and get insider tips on the Victoria culinary scene.


Secrets of the City Walking Tours

The light of the gas lamp flickers…. A cool breeze blows in from the Inner Harbour, bringing a chill to the night air. Suddenly, from the shadows, a woman screams. Someone else calls for the police, as a number of dark figures – miners, perhaps, lured here by the Gold Rush, or a local lumber baron in his top hat and greatcoat – slip into the darkness.

Welcome to another side of historic Victoria.  Along with the gaslights and hanging baskets, Victoria has other stories to tell. Take a walk behind the facades to discover the wonderful and mysterious secrets that are part of the city’s hidden history.

Click the link provided for details of the walks offered.


Architectural Walking Tours

The AIBC’s Architectural Walking Tours program offers unique perspectives of the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. Summer tours are offered throughout July and August. Those interested are invited to take advantage of six distinct tours in each city.

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Other walks:

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Tour 1: History & Architecture Walk. It is said that the character of a city is defined by its architecture, and the architecture of a city is a reflection of its history.  That makes history and architecture the perfect combination for a walking tour. On this daytime guided walking tour you will trace the evolution of Victoria through the eyes of its architecture.  Victoria’s downtown is fortunate to have such a wealth of surviving 19th century buildings … and every building has a story!

Tour 2: Victoria’s Victorian Characters Walk. There’s nothing like a new outpost on the face of the planet to draw a diverse and interesting group of personalities: nation builders, business opportunists, prospectors, land speculators, and the misfits and miscreants of established society.  On this evening walking tour you will get to know the larger-than-life personalities of Victorian Victoria. As we walk by the buildings and through the neighbourhoods where they worked and lived, you will hear their stories and sagas, and appreciate their lasting legacy.

Tour 3: Historic Pub Walk. Downtown Victoria has a wonderful collection of vibrant pubs in some of the most notable heritage buildings in the city. On this pre-booked pub walk, your group will get a sense of how these wonderful old buildings and the people associated with them have shaped the city of Victoria, augmented with lots of old photos, all while you sample beers from the multitude of craft breweries and brew pubs for which Victoria has become renowned.


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I've lived in Victoria over 30 years. I've travelled the world but I still believe that no other city beats Victoria for it's sheer beauty and variety of activities available year round. I sincerely want to help others explore and enjoy this great city - and hopefully make you want to come back again and again!

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