Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is One of Victoria’s Real Gems!

Witty’s Lagoon is located in Metchosin, one of Victoria’s Westshore communities. This sea shore park encompasses 58 hectares (143 acres) of very diverse landscape with 5 km (3.1 mi) of hiking trails that will lead you through luscious woodlands, across a freshwater creek plunging 30 metres (100′) into a saltwater lagoon. They will take you across old farm fields, salt marshes and rocky headlands, finally leading to a gorgeous sandy beach with stunning views across Juan de Fuca Strait at the snow capped mountains of the Olympic Peninsula. Witty’s Lagoon is a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours or all day!

Hiker in Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

Hiking through beautiful forests at Witty’s Lagoon


The main body of the park wraps around Witty’s Lagoon itself with a separate portion of the park encompassing the rocky headland of Tower Point off Olympic View Dr.

Click this link for the CRD’s Park Map: Witty’s Lagoon Provincial Park

Main Entrance

The main entrance to Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is on Metchosin Rd just across from Metchosin Golf & Country Club on Pear Rd. Here there is a large parking lot with an informational sign and accessible washrooms at the beginning of the trail. The path down to the beach is about 1.2 km (0.75 mi) with some short steep sections.

Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

View from the Sitting Lady Falls viewing platform

Accessible Entrance – West-Mont Montessori School

There is a short accessible trail leading down to a teaching shelter and accessible washroom. The  trailhead is off the West-Mont Montessori Elementary School parking lot close to the school. (Parking is very limited – busy times are during early morning drop off and mid afternoon pick up).

Farm Field Entrance

About 1 km from before the main entrance there is a smaller parking area at the head of a field giving an alternative access to the trails. This route crosses and old farm field that still has some apple trees, before leading into the forest and down to the lagoon. The path will eventually lead you up and around the lagoon to join up with the trail to Sitting Lady Falls and the beach.

Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

The lagoon at low tide

Witty Beach Road

There is access to the beach off Witty Beach Rd, about 650 metres (0.4 mi)past the main park entrance. If you just want to visit the beach, this is the shortest route. Drive to the end of the road and walk the short path to the stairway down to the beach.

Tower Point

Off Olympic View Dr is the access to Tower Point, a separate rocky headland from the main portion of the park. There is parking for about 15 vehicles, a washroom. At the end of the point is a bench and a great view point where you can lookout at the Haystock Islands, Albert Head to the east, William Head to the west and the Olympic Penisula to the south. You’ll very likely see some harbour seals swimming around Tower Point or pulled out on Haystock Islets and often their much larger brethren, sea lions will also be seen.

Haystock Islands off Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

The tip of Tower Point & the Haystock Islands


The trails down to the ocean winds through luscious woodland of immense Douglas Firs, Cedars, Broadleaf Maple and colourful Arbutus. You will cross Bilston Creek, which tubles towards Sitting Lady Falls, eventually spilling over the dark volcanic rocks into the idyllic lagoon, 100′ below.  In the summer months the falls are just a trickle but they can become a raging torrent during winter rains.

Witty"s Lagoon Bilston Creek

Bilston Creek above the falls

Witty's Lagoon

View of Sitting Lady Falls after a winter snowfall from the viewing platform on the opposite side

Paddling to Witty’s Lagoon

It is possible to paddle, whether by kayak, canoe or SUP into Witty’s Lagoon and right up to Sitting Lady Falls. For more information on how to do this check out the post on our sister website: Paddling Albert Head to Witty’s Lagoon

The Lagoon

The trails lead down to the edge of the lagoon, which has been formed in an area where fresh water meets salt water carried in with the tides. The wind, tide, and current create an environment that teems with life. The calm, nutrient-rich waters are shallow and warm, creating a perfect environment for wildlife which can tolerate the brackish waters found here.

Further on lies the salt marsh, a tidal zone bordering the lagoon. Many of the plants found in the salt marsh are a critical food source for the waterfowl which winter here. Finally, you will come to the long sandy beach with spectacular views of the Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Peninsula. At very low tide the sand flats extend a long long way making for great exploration and great fun on warm summer days! On exceptionally low tides, you can actually walk over to Tower Point!

Salt Marsh at Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

The Salt Marsh in late summer

Witty's Lagoon

The salt marsh in late spring

Witty's Lagoon Beach, Witty's Lago0n Regional Park

Witty’s Lagoon Beach

Sand Flats at Wittys Lagoon

Sand flats at Witty’s Lagoon at low tide


Witty’s Lagoon is a favorite spot for bird watchers. In fact, over 160 species have been documented in the park. Make sure to bring your binoculars and cameras, but remember to respect the habitat and birds and try not to unnecessarily disturb them or trample sensitive vegetation trying to get a better view.

Great Blue Heron at Witty's Lagoon

Great Blue Heron

Canada Geese in Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

Canada Geese the lagoon

Map Directions to Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park