A very popular hiking spot as well as a magnificent view of Victoria can be found at Mt. Doug Park.

Mount Douglas Park

Mount Douglas Park has something for everyone

With year-round activities and experiences, Mount Douglas Park provides inspiration and enjoyment to thousands of visitors each year.

At 1.88km2 (188 hectares), the park contains the largest urban forest on the Saanich Peninsula. You can explore this forest on more than 21 kms of trails.

Mt. Doug summit trail, Mt. Douglas Park in Victoria, BC Visitor in Victoria

Mt. Doug summit trail



Take an easy stroll or make it a strenuous climb – there is much to see along the way. Look for:

  • Marine life on the beach
  • Wildflowers
  • Birds and animals in the forest
  • Fish in the creek
  • Lizards and lichens among the rocks


Enjoy the serenity of the ocean from the summit or the beach with a view of Mount Baker. Watch for:

  • Seals
  • Orcas
  • Waterfowl
  • Search out familiar landmarks from the outstanding 360 degree panoramic view from the summit.


Book your family reunion or special group events. The park features a large picnic area complete with facilities including accessible washrooms and open field area with a backstop for activities.


Enjoy the beach, the playground or a group game.


Come to the park to enjoy the extensive trail system named after the early settlers and

mt doug trail sign, Mt. Douglas park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

Mt Doug trail sign

farms in the area – it’s likely they established some of them. Use the difficulty rating system to easily plan your hike:

  • Green – Easy
  • Blue – Moderate
  • Black – Difficult

From one of the many parking areas, a variety of trails will lead you through the forest, around the base of the summit, up to the spectacular view at the mountain summit or down to the secluded, sandy beach.

We keep Churchill Drive, the paved road leading to the summit, closed to vehicles until noon seven days a week to promote a more active, enjoyable leisure experience for pedestrians and cyclists. You can then drive to the summit until dusk.

We installed elevation and distance markers as part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations. Take the 1,500m hike from the Churchill parking lot gate 42m above sea level to the Summit parking lot 202m for a 160m change. If you go right to the Summit at the Geographic Marker, its 225m.

Try our GPS-enabled map! You can now download a GPS-enabled map of the park to your smart phone.

Park/Trail Etiquette

  • Respect plants, wildlife and private property.
  • Keep our parks and trails clean – put litter in the waste containers.
  • Watch for and respect horseback riders as horses may easily startle.
  • Keep dogs under control.
  • Please pick up after your pet and deposit bags in waste containers.
  • No dogs on the beach or around the playground and lower/beach parking area (“area bounded by Cordova Bay Road, Ash Road, Douglas Creek, the natural boundary of the ocean and the northwesterly boundary of the park, EXCEPT the asphalt road surface lying to the northwest of the picnic area between the two gates” – Animal Bylaw).
  • Cycle only on paved roads, not park trails.
  • Many fragile ecosystems exist within the park – from the rock outcrops at the summit to down between the tide lines on the beach. Please treat Mount Douglas Park with respect and preserve these sensitive habitats.