Paragliding and Hang-gliding around Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island, BC

Paragliding Victoria, BC

Launching on the Dallas Rd Waterfront

Whether you are an expert paraglider or hang-glider, need some instruction or just want to get out and try a tandem flight, there is something for everyone around Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island, BC. You can soar the cliffs off Dallas Rd, just minutes from downtown Victoria or you can sail off the mountain sides of the Cowichan Valley, a short 45 minute drive away or take a scenic ferry ride to Saltspring Island.

Paragliding Locations

  • Dallas Road, Victoria: the cliffs just east of Cook Street offer ridge soaring over the shores of the Juan De Fuca Strait.
  • Mt. Prevost, Cowichan Valley near Duncan. A coastal mountain offering thermal and ridge flying on the west face.
  • Malahat, Victoria: 30 kms (19 miles) north of Victoria. A coastal mountain offering ridge and thermal flying.
  • Mt. Irwin, Port Alberni: located northeast of Port Alberni, An inland mountain offering ridge and thermal flying.
  • Doran Lake, near Sproat Lake: located west of Port Alberni. A Mountain offering thermal flying.
  • Bruce Peak, Saltspring Island: This site overlooks the Fulford Valley. This beautiful coastal mountain site offers ridge and thermal flying.
  • Youbou: On the North shore of Cowichan Lake. Mountain site offering thermal flying.

Paragliding Resources

Vancouver Island Paragliding

If you are not already a paraglider, you will need to take lessons, you can’t just rent a paraglider and go unless you are going to take a tandem flight with a certified pilot. VIP Paragliding offers tandem flights and instruction.

Mailing Address: 9632 Third Street, Sidney, BC, V8L 2Z9
Phone: 250-514-8595
Website: VIP Paragliding  

Visiting Pilots

Visiting pilots will want to contact the Vancouver Island Soaring Society (ISS) to find out how to access the various sites around Vancouver Island, and to find out the rules and regulations for flying at the various sites around Vancouver Island.

Pilots with verifiable USHPA, FAI or IPPI ratings can fill out the HPAC Temporary form and will be covered under the third party insurance. Pilots wishing to fly the local sites must have a current HPAC membership, as well as, an ISS membership. There is a temporary ISS membership available for 30 days ($20 CAD) or full year ($50 CAD). If you are planning on flying Malahat, Hill 60, Mt Brenton, the Beauforts, or Youbou you will also need the Timberwest waiver filled out and carried with you.

For more information or to contact the ISS, go to their website by clicking the link below.

Website:  Vancouver Island Soaring Society


The HPAC/ACVL is a Canadian non-profit corporation created to represent and support the sports of hang gliding and paragliding in Canada. Their web lists links to schools and instructors.

Website: HPAC