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Vegetarian Restaurants in Victoria

There are a number of vegetarian restaurants in Victoria.  Here is a list of some of them: (In no particular order!)

Rebar** – 50 Bastion Square in downtown Victoria

At Rebar Modern Food, we prepare food for our customers just as we would cook for ourselves at home: carefully and conscientiously. Food is meant to nourish and Rebar focuses on serving food and juices that maintain as many nutrients as possible. Steaming and roasting vegetables, toasting and grinding spices, using fresh, hand-cut herbs in our dishes and fresh juice from our own juicers to enhance stocks, sauces and dressings: at Rebar, you enjoy real, gourmet food because we never fake it.

Fresh, authentic, nourishing food.
That is what matters most to us.

HOURS:  monday to thursday 11:00 – 9
friday 11:00-10
saturday 9-10
sunday 9-9
closed on stat holidays

**Editor’s note:  Not strictly vegetarian

Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant** – 617 Johnson St.

Vegetarian is more than a living style. It can also be a window through which great things can be seen from the Cooked will create sexual desire. All dishes are made with 100% vegetables.  No Mono Sodium Glutamate MSG. No A.C.  color. The main ingredients of the mock meat are Soya bean product such as T.V.P. (Texture Vitamin Protein Fribices). Fresh bean curd skin, special wheat gluten, special shitake mushroom stems.small. It enables one to become more aware of one¢s body, mind, and the environment in which one lives.   Practicing vegetarianism can bring one both a healthy  body and a healthy mind. According to Buddha¢s doctrine, Five pungent plants are prohibited. (Garlic, onion, chives, leeks, and shallots). Raw will create anger.

Hours:  Tues – Sat.  11:30 – 3 and 5 – 9

Sunday 12 – 3 and 5 – 9

Closed Mondays

**Editor’s note:  Spelling and description is from website … I didn’t want to alter it!

Green Cuisine – #5 – 560 Johnson St. in Market Square, downtown Victoria

We are located in the courtyard of Market Square in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We are open 7 days a week from 10.00am to 8.00pm. Our full buffet runs from 11.30 am until 8.00pm. If you’re in the neighborhood come on in to check out the daily offerings, we think you will enjoy our large variety of healthy, delicious food.

Hours:  7 Days a week from 10 am to 8 pm

Cafe Bliss – 556 Pandora St.

Let us nourish your body with our fresh, rejuvenating live food menu, and lift your spirits with our clean bright and friendly atmosphere and our vibrant service.

Add some bliss to your day with our wide selection of fresh made fruit and vegetable juices, wheatgrass shots, raw chocolate shakes, super food smoothies, green juices, local salads, raw chocolates, warming soups, dairy-free milk shakes, delectable treats, cracker plates, pizza, seasonal specials, kids plates, cutting edge desserts, and more!

We use 100% organic, raw plant source ingredients that we select according to seasonal and local availability and gently prepare at low temperatures ensuring richness in flavour, colour, and vitality.

100% organic, 100% vegetarian, 100% wheat and gluten free, 100% fresh and local ingredients, 100% made with love.

Hours:  Daily from 11 – 7

Venus Sophia Tea Room and Vegetarian Eatery – 540 Fisgard St.

Venus Sophia – symbolic for beauty, love and wisdom – is a family business run by husband and wife team Sallie and Alain. The charming eatery, which has been featured by Condé Nast Traveller, was launched in 2011 with the couple’s vision to offer Victoria the ultimate pairing: delicious vegetarian cuisine and exquisite tea. But it doesn’t stop there. At Venus Sophia, we invite you to celebrate our passion for global tearoom culture and the ritual of afternoon tea with a modern twist. Welcome to an oasis in the heart of the city!

Hours:  Tues – Sunday 10 – 5:30  Monday 11 – 5

be Love – 1019 Blanshard

be love opened in October, 2013 and is the collaborative vision of siblings Heather and Joe Cunliffe and their dad, Ayrie. A full service, modern restaurant serving organic, local, plant based cuisine that is as delicious as it is nourishing and energizing. Our high vibrational food is complimented by an all organic and natural wine list, super-food cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies, and elixirs. Our food is wheat, dairy, gluten, and processed sugar free, and we source almost completely organic ingredients.

be love is an offering of sustainable organic cuisine to nourish and heal the body, mind & soul. Here to honour our earth community and one another, we mindfully source our ingredients, fostering change to provide a future of health, love & respect for all.

Hours:  Sun – Thur 11 – 9:30, Friday & Saturday 11 – 10

Sante Gluten-free Cafe – 2630 Quadra

Hanna Kofman, celiac and gluten-free aficionado, established Santé so that the gluten free patrons, their family and friends could relax and enjoy delicious food in a completely safe setting.

Santé’s warm welcome extends far beyond the gluten free. Hanna has honed her recipes so that she is able to offer a comprehensive vegan, dairy, egg and soy-free repertoire, in any combination. At Santé, your dietary needs are honoured and your presence is treasured.

Hours:  Monday – Saturday 8:30 – 6:30, Sunday 10 – 5

Ingredients Cafe and Community Market – 2031 Store St.

Choose from a vast array of organic, vegan, gluten-free baked and raw treats. Muffins, Cakes, Power Bars and other tantalizing goods all made with a “Food is the Best Medicine” Philosophy – take out vegan or vegetarian picnic lunches for everyday or gourmet fair. Customizable catering or home packages for delicious organic meals, lunches, breakfast meetings or dinners.

Our drink menu is crazy interesting, from healing elixers to world class lattes and teas! Smoothies that you could live off of and iced drinks that will hydrate and give you energy!

Hours:  Mon – Fri 8:30 – 5, Sat 8:30 – 5, Sunday 10 – 4

Power House Raw Food Restaurant – #14 – 3671 Uptown Blvd (in Uptown Mall)

At Power House, our raw vegan foods are consumed in their natural state. Raw nuts & seeds are soaked prior to use in our recipes, to increase bioavailability & maximize the nutritional content of our raw food menu items. We prepare our artisan breads, crackers, granola  and snacks at a temperature no higher than 114 degrees Fahrenheit, through dehydration. This process removes moisture from food while preserving the foods vital nutrients. Our creations are made with your health in mind, and we are passionate about serving you the very best.

Hours:  Sun, – Tues 8 – 6, Wed – Sat 8 – 8

Rawthentic Eatery – 108 – 4440 West Saanich Rd.

At Rawthentic Eatery we offer a diverse menu where we use selected raw vegan organic ingredients to achieve optimum flavour.

Rawthentic’s aim is to provide raw vegan foods to meet all lifestyles, not only for those who have chosen this type of lifestyle but also for some that need to make dietary changes due to medical reasons.

Hours:  Mon – Fri 8-8, Sat 9-8, Sun 10-6


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