I’ll admit it … good beaches are fairly subjective.  Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a ‘perfect beach’.

For me … it’s anywhere without a lot of other people.  I don’t really mind if it’s sandy, rocky or pebbly as long as it’s quiet.  For some people it’s simply a slice of sand where they can throw down a blanket and soak up the sun.

But … keep in mind … this is Victoria … not Hawaii.  We’ve got a lot of beaches, (we are on an island after all!) but they tend to be smaller and less ‘touristy’ than you might be used to.

Having said that … here’s some options I think you’ll find pretty nice!

1. Willows Beach – Oak Bay

Nice Sandy beach with picnic facilities, change rooms & restrooms.  Great for families and close to town.

2.  Gyro Park – Cadboro Bay

A fairly long and sandy beach with restrooms, picnic area – also great for families.

3. Thetis Lake – View Royal

Nice lake for swimming, boating and laying in the sun.  Restrooms and picnic areas, also hiking trails which are quite nice.  Be forewarned tho … during the hot summer months this beach can be VERY busy – mostly with younger ‘less sedate’ (ahem) crowd!

4. Witty’s Lagoon – Metchosin

This is more my kind of beach!  You have to drive a little ways out of town to get there … and there is a lovely walk down to the beach itself but I think it’s worth it!  The walk goes past a waterfall (Sitting Lady Falls) and a lovely lagoon where you can often see migrating waterfowl.  The beach is long with a mixture of rock/pebbles/sand.  When the tide goes out it’s great for walking.  Lovely views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Peninsula beyond.  There is restroom facilities and a picnic area.

5. Elk/Beaver Lake – Saanich

Two lakes in one really.  There are 2 separate beach areas, one on either side of the lake.  Lots of parking, restrooms, picnic areas and trails for walking when you’re finished sunbathing/swimming.  There are also opportunities for kayaking/canoeing as well.  A VERY nice area and not far from town!