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About a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Victoria is the quaint town of Sidney.  It has a wonderful selection of bookstores all within walking distance of one another – giving it the nickname of ‘booktown’!

1.  Tanner’s Books – 2436 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Hours:  Daily 8-9

Browse, reserve & shop millions of titles!

1a.  The Children’s Bookshop – 2436 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Hours:  Mon – Sat 8-8, Sunday 9:30-5:30

2.  Beacon Books – 2372 Beacon Ave., Sidney

Hours:  Mon – Sat 10 – 5:30, Sun & Holidays 10-4

A general bookstore of secondhand books including collectable, rare, and antiquarian books.

3.  The Haunted Bookshop – 9807 Third St., Sidney

Hours:  Daily 10-5

The Haunted actually caters to recreational readers wanting recent paperbacks and scholars seeking out-of-print material, as well as to collectors of rarities.

4.  Galleon Books and Antiques – 106 – 2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney

Hours:  Daily 9-5

Second-hand books, antiques and collectibles specializing in non-fiction subjects, including BC history, exploration, First Nations, military, and art history.

5.  The Military and History Bookshop – 9812 Fourth St., Sidney

Hours:  Mon – Sat 10-5, Sun & Holidays 12-4

This unique store offers books on all things military.

Here is a map of bookstores from downtown Victoria to Sidney:

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