Fishing in Victoria BC

Salmon Fishing Victoria BC

Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC, is an angler’s paradise, surrounded by the ocean and stunning scenery with a large variety of fish species available including favorites like salmon and halibut. As well, there are numerous lakes and rivers in the region offering abundant freshwater fishing opportunities. Fishing around Victoria is a true west coast activity combining exciting adventure with spectacular sightseeing and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are lots of options to choose from, whether going out on your own, renting a boat, hiring a guide, or going all out and taking a fishing charter.

Fishing Licenses

Wherever you decide to fish around Victoria, or anywhere else in BC, you will require a fishing license whether a resident or  visitor.  The license you need will depend on whether you are going saltwater or freshwater fishing. You can find all the rules, regulations and fees concerning the particular fisheries on the websites listed below.

 Salt Water Fishing License

 The Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans handles all saltwater licensing and you can very conveniently buy these license online by clicking the following link: Salt Water Fishing License  

Special note:  In the past you were able to purchase a saltwater fishing license at most fishing sports retailers. This is no longer the case, so to be safe, you may want to purchase one online before you come.

Fresh Water Fishing LicenseFishing Victoria BC

If you are going out on the lakes and rivers you will require a freshwater license, which are handled by the Province of BC. These licenses can also be conveniently purchased online or picked up at most sport and fishing shops and department stores handling fishing gear. For more information or to purchase a license, click the following link: Fresh Water Fishing License


Fishing Clubs

James Bay Anglers Association

Phone: 250-389-6123
Location:  75 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC V8V 1A1
1101 Munro St, Victoria, BC V9A 5P2

Esquimalt Anglers Association

Phone: 250 385-9604
Website:  Esquimalt Anglers
Location:  1101 Munro Street, Esquimalt BC.

Useful Resources

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Boating Regulations for Canadian Waters

Canadian Safe Boating GuideFor a complete guide to the rules and regulations for operating a pleasure craft in Canadian waters, fresh or saltwater, you can down load  the PDF at this link:  Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide


Vancouver Island, BC Fishing Map Book

Vancouver Island Fishing Map Book

BRMP Map Books are an excellent resource – highly recommended

Backroad Mapbooks fishing map books are jam-packed with everything you need to know to fish a given region of BC . Each fishing map book contains detailed fishing maps and lake and river charts for water bodies throughout the region, detailing fish species, local tips and techniques, provincial fishing regulations, and more!

Get customized Backroad Mapbooks lake and river charts for your fishing spot of choice. These detailed bathymetric charts show you the contours of the underwater terrain, to help you scope out your fish species of choice. View hot spots, access points and physical attributes for fishing lakes and rivers across BC.  This book is available in most book shops and sporting goods stores as well as online at the link below.


Link to the Vancouver Island Map Book Website:   Vancouver Island, BC Fishing Map Book