• John Dean Provincial Park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria


John Dean Park is situated on top of Mount Newton which overlooks the pastoral Saanich Peninsula, the Gulf Islands and the Cascade Mountains.

It protects one of the last stands of old-growth Douglas fir and Garry oak on the Saanich Peninsula, and is a popular destination for local residents, who visit the park to hike in a pristine wilderness environment and enjoy the spectacular views.

A number of hiking trails, varying in degrees of difficulty, wind through the forest across the south and east face of Mount Newton at this day-use park. Adventurous hikers can climb to the summit of Mount Newton. In the spring the park comes alive with a vivid display of wildflowers native to British Columbia, including drifts of blue camas lilies, as well as common red paintbrush, sea blush and shooting stars.  There are several ponds along the trails which can be pretty interesting to photograph!

John Dean Provincial Park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

With a bit of searching you can find what remains of the cabin where John Dean lived in the early 1900’s named “Illahie”.  Not much left now but a few rocks and logs from the original building.  There is a plaque at the site with a photo of the house and company back in 1917.  It looked like a wonderful retreat!

John Dean Provincial Park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

From the top of Mount Newton you can watch as ravens, red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, and turkey vultures put on a display of soaring techniques. The summit of Mount Newton is also regarded as an excellent location to watch some of the best sunsets on Vancouver Island.

John Dean Provincial Park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

Park Size: 174 hectares

**The park is closed to traffic from November – March **  You can walk up the road, but it’s a long walk to the trails and there’s no on-street parking!  Bummer!

Activities Available at this Park


Not really ‘bike friendly’ as bicycles must keep to roadway.  No biking on trails.


John Dean Provincial Park has approximately 6 km of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more difficult hikes through beautiful old-growth Douglas fir and Garry oak ecosystems. A main park map is located at the information shelter, as well as trail maps at various points along the trail system. Portions of the trail system can be steep and are geared to more advanced hikers. Refer to park map for more information and routes.
John Dean Provincial Park, Victoria, BC, Visitor in Victoria

Pets on Leash

You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears

Wildlife Viewing

A viewing platform is located at Pickles Bluff and offers spectacular views out over the Saanich Peninsula. This park also offers the opportunity to see old-growth Douglas fir and Garry oak trees and a variety of wildflowers in the spring.

Facilities Available at this Park

Picnic Areas

This park has a day-use area with a parking lot, information shelter and a pit toilet. The park is blocked off by a gate, which is locked from dusk until 8 a.m. This park is closed to vehicle traffic from November to March.

Pit or Flush Toilets

A pit toilet is located near the parking lot.

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