The Lochside Trail begins at the ‘switch bridge’ where it connects to the Galloping Goose Trail and continues up the Saanich Peninsula to Sidney, BC.

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lochside trail

Biking the Lochside Trail

This picturesque multi–use trail, formerly a railway line, stretches from Swartz Bay to Victoria, past beaches, farmland, and wetlands, down country lanes and beside suburban backyards. While some parts of the Lochside Trail are off-road and others downright pastoral, in some places trail visitors must share paved or gravel public roads with motor vehicles and farm vehicles.

You can cycle, stroll, run, or even ride a horse through the rural sections. Whether you’re commuting to work, meandering on a weekend afternoon or pacing yourself from the Switch Bridge to Swartz Bay, the trail is yours to enjoy and yours to protect.

A pond along the Lochside Trail, Victoria, BC Visitor in Victoria

Riding on the bridge across a beautiful pond!


The Lochside Trail intersects with the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, a 55 kilometre former railway line from Victoria to Sooke, and the first section of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Trail Rating: Accessible (paved sections) to Easy
Length: 29km
Location: Saanich, Central Saanich, Sidney, North Saanich, Victoria

Lochside Trail

Lochside Trail

Established: 2001


Designated parking areas for the Lochside Trail are located on Lochside Drive north of McKenzie Avenue in Saanich, Lochside Park in Saanich, Cy Hampson Park in Central Saanich and Tulista Park in Sidney. These
parks also provide seasonal toilet facilities. Street parking is available near the trail in many locations


Click HERE for a map of the trail.

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