There are a number of small beaches I like to call ‘pocket beaches’ scattered around Victoria.  They are really tiny but this usually means they are fairly quiet – usually only known to the local neighborhood.  Here are a few you might want to try:

1.  Queen Alexandra Cove Beach – 2400 Arbutus Rd.  Park in hospital parking lot.  A small, pebble/sand beach reached via stairway.

2.  Telegraph Bay – 4040 Telegraph Bay Rd.  Small, pebble/sand beach – flat access.

3.  Balmacarra Beach – 4588 Balmacarra Rd (Mt. Doug), a small stretch of pebble/rock and some sand beach via steep stairs.  Parking can be challenging.

4.  Hollydene Beach – Hollydene Pl.  Small, sandy beach via steep stairway.  Parking can be challenging.

5.  Arbutus Cove Park – Arbutus Cove Lane – Gordon Head

Open space and naturalistic area with trails to the cove.  Arbutus Cove is sheltered with rocky sections and sandy beach.