In addition to the usual Government or Private ‘standard’ liquor type stores that sell a smattering of everything, there are some stores that carry only certain items or specialize in more unique or local kinds of alcohol.

Location of ‘Specialty’ Wine/Beer/Liquor Stores:



Everything Wine

Everything Wine

1.  Everything Wine

#131 – 2401 Millstream Rd.

(in the mall on right-hand side of road … turn right just after McDonald’s).  It’s a very large store with (obviously) wine only.  Lots of good bargains … and you get a 5% discount if you buy a case of 12 (does not have to be all the same wine!).  Mon – Sat 10 – 9, Sun & Holidays 11 – 6.



2.  Artisan Wine

artisan wine logo644 Broughton Street.   A great selection of BC wines, gift baskets and other wine-related accessories.

A unique selection of exclusive BC wines!

Complimentary Wine Tastings Every Day

Join us during store hours for a tasting of our featured wine. Our staff will share their knowledge about the wine and offer tips on food pairings and more.

We can host a wine tasting or social event for your group – please contact the store manager at any of our locations to discuss your ideas.


Customers 60+ can enjoy a 15% discount on wine and accessories at all our locations on their designated Seniors Days. Set the day on your calendar!

Victoria – First Tuesday of the month

3.  VQA Wine Shop at Mattick’s Farm

matticks farm5325 Cordova Bay Rd.

Knowledgeable staff is the main feature of this Wine Shop – event planning, food and wine pairing, finding an old favorite or assisting you with trying something new, the staff are eager to help you select from approximately 80 different wineries and 400 different BC wines.



Liquor & Spirits

1. Vintage Spirits

A Little About Ourselves

Vintage Spirits is a private liquor merchant in beautiful Downtown Victoria. Located in the historic Hotel Rialto we are retailers of fine wines, spirits and beers. Our prices are the best in the downtown core with a very large selection of the coldest beers and wines with no chill charge ever! Many products we carry cannot be found in Government Liquor Stores or even Specialty VQA Wine stores. We specialize in hard to find labels as well as everyday faves. With over a thousand wines and hundreds of beers and spirits you are sure to find that something you are looking for.

Vintage Spirits prides itself on having staff that love the products, lots of selection, regular tastings on Saturday afternoons along with special events (to be posted as they are booked), and value for your money.

Located at 653 Pandora directly across from City Hall. Come in and visit us sometime.

2.  The Strath Ale, Wine & Spirit Merchants


The Strath

The Strath

Since opening in 2003, this private licensed retail store has become the “go to” location for wine, spirits and beers in the heart of downtown Victoria.

We offer an ever expanding range of products that include many old favourites as well as a diverse array of specialty products not found in most other stores.

A convenient ten minute parking spot is available right at the front door for picking up your selections from the store.  For a small fee we will also deliver case orders to your home or office in our downtown delivery area.

Essential accessories include corkscrews, pourers, wine aerators, gift bags and we also offer gift wrapping and custom gift baskets.  The majority of our beer is offered ready chilled as well as a good selection of chilled wine.  There is no extra charge for chilled beer or wine.

Location:  919 Douglas Street

3. Victoria Distillers

6170 Old West Saanich Rd.

Vic Gin balances the characteristic evergreen flavour of juniper with notes of citrus, floral, and spice.  Each numbered batch is lovingly made by hand and only the middle part of each run, the “hearts”, is saved for bottling.  The result is an intensely flavored spirit that is as full-bodied and as complex as a fine single-malt whisky.

The bottle’s shape recalls gin’s reputation as a medicinal spirit.  It features Queen Victoria in her radiant youth, an image that embodies our fresh approach to tradition.

Victoria Gin is gluten-free and batches #77 and beyond are certified Kosher by BC Kosher.

Tours, tastings and products are available at the distillery.  Products can be also be found across Canada in liquor stores, bars & restaurants.

4.  Sheringham Distillery

2631 Seaside Dr., Shirley, BC

We use time-honoured distilling methods and B.C. grown grains to achieve ourSheringham sustainable and traditional approach to the production of our spirits. Our small batch hand-crafted spirits (Vodka, William’s White – Double Distilled Grain Spirit (a.k.a. White Whisky) and Whisky) are all made with 100% B.C. agricultural products. We source local ingredients from Vancouver Island whenever possible. All our products are mashed, fermented and distilled at our distillery. We are proudly committed to localism, quality & sustainability.

Sheringham Distillery is nestled in the heart of Shirley, B.C. overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Southern Vancouver Island. To the East is Sheringham Pt. Lighthouse, built in 1912 to protect sailors from the treacherous waters of the Graveyard of the Pacific. To the West is French Beach Provincial Park. Sheringham Distillery is a homage to the name given to the area in 1846. In 1893, after the first post office was built, Sheringham was shortened to Shirley so the name would fit on the postage stamp.
We would love to see you and share a bit of ours, with you…

(by appointment only please)


5.   Caledonia Brewery & Distillery 

761 Enterprise Crescent, Saanich, Greater Victoria V8Z 6P7 CANADA (778) 401-0410

We’ve been concocting beers and whisky for a while now but we are now open for visitors.

We are very proud of our Scottish Heritage and we have assembled some of the greatest whisky makers on the planet to produce a number of premium malt, Irish and Pot Still spirits.

Of course, it will be a few years before we can start selling our own bottles.

However, we are giving whisky lovers the opportunity to design their own 30l cask, allowing them to choose from five different spirits and ten types of wood.  See the cask page for more details.

In addition we will also be importing “guest” whiskies from Scotland and our master distillers will be creating their own blends so there will be plenty of opportunity to sample or buy whiskies.

Winter Hours: Jan 08 to  March 31

Sunday-Wednesday 11am to 7pmVictoria Caledonia Distillery

Thursday-Saturday 11am to 8pm

Rest of Year:

Sunday to Saturday 10am to 9pm


Our introductory tour is ready for booking and will operate daily on the hour between 11am and 8pm.  It lasts approximately 45 minutes  please click here for online reservations or call (778) 401-0410.


Victoria has many local craft beer manufacturers.  Some of these are carried in Government and/or Private Liquor stores, some only sell their products at their source or their own private liquor stores.  You can now get ‘Growlers*’ at certain breweries that you can fill over and over again!


64 U.S. fl oz (1,892.7 ml; 66.6 imp fl oz) Growler

A growler is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug used to transport draft beer in the United States and Canada. They are commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out craft beer. Rarely, beers are bottled in growlers for retail sale. The exploding growth of craft breweries and the growing popularity of home brewing has also led to an emerging market for the sale of collectible growlers.



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