Exploring Francis/King Regional Park

Francis/King Regional Park is a wonderful place to explore for people of all abilities, giving everyone, no matter their abilities or disabilities, a chance to get a little closer to nature. There are 11 kilometers of gentle woodland trails meandering through groves of old growth forest, spring wildflower meadows and marshland. The trails also connect with the trails of Thetis Lake for those who might like to explore a little further.  All the trails are quite distinct and well marked, but it is always handy to take a photo of the park map, located at the Nature Centre, to carry with you.

The Centennial Trail

Accessible Trails

The Elsie King Trail is a 800 meter loop of accessible trail perfect for people with limited mobility.  It is made from relatively flat, compacted gravel with safety guides along the trail edges. It is also a self-guided interpretive trail with informational placards and rest areas with seating at regular intervals.

Dogs must be on leash on the Elsie King Trail.

The Elsie King Trail

Rest area and informational signs on the Elsie King Trail

The Elsie King Trail

Moderate Trails

Other trails on the west side of Munn Road meander through groves of old growth forest, including Heritage Grove, with lush with moss, ferns, salal and Oregon Grape with giant cedars and Douglas Fir towering overhead. Apparently, many of these trees are estimated to be around 500 years old and are some of the tallest specimens the region.

Heritage Grove

The Centennial Trail along with a loop around the High Ridge Trail will circle most of the park perimeter making for a hike of about 5.3km.

The start of the Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail

Burned stump on the Highland Trail

Spring is a great time to visit the park with spring flowers popping up all over, including shooting star and fawn lilies.

Shooting Stars

Fawn Lily

Skunk Cabbage

If you’re in the mood for a longer trek, follow the trails of Francis/King Regional Park to neighbouring Thetis Lake Regional Park.

Nature Centre

Regional Parks’ staff and volunteer naturalists can answer your questions and point you in the right direction on the trails at the Nature Centre. Pick up a brochure, and check out the interpretive displays on the park’s natural and cultural history. The nature centre is located near the main parking lot.

The Nature Centre

Park Hours & Location

Location: Munn Road in Saanich
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Nature Centre Hours

Hours: Noon to 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays

Find a copy of the park map HERE.