How to get around Victoria by bus:

Bus Stops

BC Transit bus stops vary according to customer use. It may have a shelter, a bench, or simply a bus stop sign. Some signs will list the routes that use the bus stop. BC Transit bus stop signs typically look like this:

Victoria Bus Stop Sigh


Bus Destination Display

At the front of every bus, the overhead display will show the route name and number. You may also see the sign, ‘Not In Service’, which means that the driver is on a break or is traveling to the next scheduled route or is on route to or from the garage.

Transit Wave

Some bus stops are used by multiple bus routes, so help your bus driver when waiting at the stop by waving as the bus approaches your stop. Buses do not automatically stop at all bus stops.

At major bus stops, more than one bus may arrive at the same time. Please walk to your bus.

While at your stop, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the doors.

Take Your Bike With You

Most BC Transit buses have bike racks on the front of the bus. They are gradually upgrading the racks to accommodate bikes with up to 3″ (75mm) tires.


Have your correct fare ready so that you can get seated as quickly as possible. Fareboxes or drivers do not provide change.


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